A Fresh Business

A Fresh Business

Business Consulting & Basecamp Project Management

If you are at a point in your business where you want to grow but feel stuck, or you have goals but can't quite figure out the next steps - I'd love to help! I’m passionate about helping professional organizers or other service based business professionals grow and prosper. My approach is very direct and practical with a great deal of insight into how to grow a business that works with your personality and strengths.

I've found that my take on consulting works really well for people who:

  • are in the 2-6 year range of business (though I've worked with many people with more years than that!)
  • either have employees or are looking to add employees or outside support
  • want to create a profitable company with a great company culture
  • need solid systems and procedures or fine tune the ones you have
  • self starters and those that are internally motivated but need clear direction and advice

I am not an accountability coach nor do I do a lot of follow up. What I do is take your list of questions and give you honest and useful feedback, provide insight and concrete actionable steps with screenshots and links, plus share my 18+ years of experience as a business owner with all of the ups and downs that come with that. I don't have all the answers but I have a lot...

One on one consulting is 225/hr. I've found that a 2 hour session with 1-3 follow up 1 hour sessions tends to be the jump start most people need. 

I have also created an entire, turnkey project management system specifically designed for professional organizers & move managers. Check it out below!

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A Fresh Business with Basecamp

Project & Team Management for Organizers

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on your team knew exactly what they were supposed to do for each project, and every step was documented and tracked?

Working in a service based industry like professional organizing or move management, we often focus on the day to day and struggle finding the time to set up efficient systems and ways to get your whole team on the same page. As the owner, how much time are you spending making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to, that you feel informed about what happened on every job, and making sure nothing gets dropped or missed?

A Fresh Business with Basecamp solves these issues with one place where all of your information and tasks live, and everyone on your team can find it. Read on for the details!

Do you spend your time chasing after everything and everyone instead of strategic growth and client acquisition? Or maybe you just need some downtime but you are constantly needed or things fall apart. Regain your time, make more money, and streamline your business processes.

A Fresh Business with Basecamp solves these problems:

Wasted time tracking down information, responding to questions, or dealing with repetitive tasks

Client and procedural information in various locations (or in people’s heads!)

Forgetting follow up tasks or client requests (or not having all of the needed info)

Constant demands on your attention and time for tasks that are not your job or what you want to be doing

Being caught off guard and unprepared when a client has a question or issue

What is Basecamp? Basecamp is a project management tool that keeps all of your information and communication in one place, streamlined and accessible to everyone involved in the project.

A Fresh Space has created a set of templates, systems and procedures using Basecamp specifically designed for the professional organizing industry (but applicable to many other service based industries) that sets you up for success with all of the information you need to scale. Working with teams can be challenging as you grow because keeping track of everything is hard when it’s in your head and not available to everyone who needs access.

Basecamp can help make your teams run smoothly and make you look like a rock star to your clients because everything is at your fingertips. Plus you get advice and insight from key team members at A Fresh Space to help you fine tune your processes, become more profitable, and reduce your stress.

These processes have been refined over 18 years running a successful organizing & move management business that is thriving with consistent growth in the market with minimal stress and plenty of time to focus on strategic planning and our client satisfaction. Read on to see the details!

Our Packages

a fresh business



Needs assessment

Basecamp setup including proprietory templates and task lists

2 intensive training sessions for you and your team

3 months ongoing email support

Access to training videos

Onboarding, processes & procedures included

Plus optional add ons:

Resources and product sourcing 

One on one business consulting (+ $225/hr) 



Your Strategy Session Includes

Intro call with Liz

Prep work for our work session

Up to two hours of one on one consulting time

Review Basecamp processes & procedures

Follow up email support

Liz Jenkins

Liz has been a professional organizer since 2005 and a business owner for over 25 years. The a fresh business program came from the years of consulting with organizers and other small business owners who were struggling to get their business systems in place so they could scale and be more profitable. Liz has spoken nationally about business systems & processes and growing a team, and is a sought after guest on blogs and podcasts for her industry expertise. Liz is married with a college daughter, is an adventurous cook and foodie, and a long time kitten foster mom.

Liz Jenkins
Liz Jenkins

Kim Weimer

Kim manages all of the coordinating and training for a fresh space both internally and for a fresh business. Her expertise comes from over 20 years in the financial and insurance industries as well as nearly a decade as a professional organizer. Kim was in the start up phase of the program and collaborated on the content and structure so her depth of knowledge is very thorough. She loves seeing the ‘aha’ moments from those she works with!

How we work


needs assessment

Your business model

What's your current business structure and your primary business activities.

Your team

Who currently does what on your team and their roles & responsibilities. Identify missing roles, clarify job descriptions, and needs.

work flow

How are you currently managing your teams and your projects? What's working and what isn't?

Current challenges

What's going on right now that is impeding your growth and profitibability.

basecamp setup

Initial setup

Create your company HQ and industry specific templates & task lists.


Set up your Teams and get your people on board.

Templates & Docs

Fill out your projects and HQ with templates, docs, and to do lists.

Fine tune

Personalize and customize templates, docs, and to do lists.

training & ongoing support

Training #1

Up to 3 additional team members. Overview of Basecamp features + specific training on templates & processes. Cybersecurity overview and implementation.

Training #2

Up to 3 additional team members. High level overview of all aspects of Basecamp. Specific training on each component of Basecamp tailored to your team needs.

Ongoing support

Email support as needed. Individual or group Zoom or phone calls (max 5 team members) for 6 months.


What our client say about us

"I've used a lot of consultants, and working with you was the first time I really felt heard and was give such practical and actionable advise and recommendations. Each new things I implemented had an immediate impact in our productivity and profitability. And your openness and willingness to share was incredible. I finally feel like I have a handle on my business and where I'm going with it. Thank you so much!!"

"It took us a while to get going with everything (sorry!) but we are SO glad we finally committed the time. Thank you for sticking with us! We love having a place for all of our information, and a way to keep track of all the little things. It's pretty awesome."

"We are really enjoying Basecamp and are finding it so easy to use so far. Still in the very early phases of becoming familiar and introducing team members but so far it’s been great. Thanks so much!"

"This is the first time in years where every single thing we needed to do got done and no one needed to email or text or call anyone about it. I actually was able to be finished on a Friday afternoon early and have a really relaxing weekend knowing everything was caught up."

Our productivity is through the roof! This system is amazing and has made all the difference in our ability to get things done.

"One of our clients sent us this amazing email raving about how awesome we were - and it was all due to the new system in place. Using Basecamp meant that we were able to keep track of every little thing and our client was wowed by our apparent magical ability to remember everything!"

"There was definitely a bit of a learning curve for my team but once we all got on board - I can't tell you how much easier our jobs are! And the advise from our consulting calls has resulted in us being way more profitable - I never even considered some of the things you suggested but wow - we are up about 20% and it was super easy to implement!"

We are LOVING basecamp and have been using it for all of our incoming projects. Everyone on the team is really starting to get the hang of it.

This has truly been a game changer. We’d been doing well overall but with the last few people we brought on board, things were starting to fall through the cracks and all of us were flustered and running around like crazy. Once we all spent some time with Basecamp and Harvest, it’s amazing how smoothly all of the jobs are going. Absolutely phenomenal! And we love you & Kim - so helpful whenever we need it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Things people ask us!

We want to make sure it's the right fit for you and your business.

Increased productivity & profitability as your time frees up 

Documentation & accountability for the entire team

Reduction in time spent in oversight and administrative duties

Increased 'brain space' when everything is accounted for

Basecamp is a project management program that started back in 2004. Over the years it has been revamped and fine tuned to create a tool that is simple, yet handles so much. We love it because it is easy enough for everyone to use, but has enough depth to manage large scale teams and projects.

A Fresh Business has developed a set of templates specifically for the Organizing & Productivity industries that can be adapted to any service based industry. These templates combined with the training means that companies can easily transition to using Basecamp and finally gain control of their time and energy.

You can easily create a system of follow up to-dos for your existing and potential clients. While it is not technically a CRM, the system allows creation of reminders and due dates to keep everyone in the loop about next steps.

Yes! Anything and everything can be customized to suit your current needs and future growth. As part of this program, we assist with changes and make recommendations.

No! That's one of the beauties of Basecamp - you can have as many people as you want - and they don't have to be employees. You can add people to the entire company or to individual projects.

We are here for you! Email support and one on one or group sessions are available on an ongoing basis.

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