A Fresh Business


Imagine if your home, office or move was perfectly organized


Needs Assessment

•Evaluate current systems
•Determine number of users and their roles
•Determine current work flow process
•Identify missing pieces/challenges

Basecamp Setup

•Create your Company HQ and Home page
•Add your logo to Company HQ
•Add Teams
•Add Master Docs
•Add Templates
•Training to-dos added and assigned to team members (Homework)

Training Session #1 (high level overview)

•Up to 3 additional team members
•Overview of all aspects of Basecamp
•Cybersecurity module

Training Session #2 (high level overview)

•Up to 3 additional team members
•Specific training on each component of Basecamp
•Specific training on templates & processes

Most Popular

2 hr One-On-One Consulting Session with Liz Jenkins

•Deep dive into current business practices
•Focus on current challenges with business systems and profitability
•Honest feedback on any business related concerns
•Brainstorming for future goals and concepts
•Identify specific needs for Basecamp or other apps/services

Team Training #3 (working with Basecamp)

•Up to 5 additional team members
•Up to 3 sessions for full team or individual members
•High level overview plus detailed training on specific company processes

Onboarding Basecamp Training & Forms

•Full additional Basecamp Project with new hire onboarding forms
•Complete training module for new hires to learn Basecamp systems

"Office Hours" hosted by Liz Jenkins with special guests

•Monthly hour long open (Zoom or FB *tbd) sessions to ask questions and brainstorm ideas
•Themed sessions with Q & A
•Open to owner/manager or other team members
•Access to additional video modules


Ongoing Training & Support (for 6 months after purchase)

•Up to 5 team members (max 4 hours monthly)
•Individual or group Zoom or phone calls
•To be scheduled as needed

Private "Office Hours" hosted by Liz Jenkins (for 6 months after purchase)

•One-on-one company specific one hour monthly coaching Zoom calls
•Up to 5 team members

Ongoing Email Support (for one year after purchase)

•Email support for any Basecamp specific or general business questions


a fresh business with Basecamp


$ 2995 Payment Plan Available
  • Needs assessment
  • Basecamp setup
  • Training session: high level overview (up to 3 team members)
  • Training session: working with Basecamp (up to 3 team members)
  • Up to 2 hours one-on-one follow up for additional training/questions


$ 4995 Payment Plan Available
  • All components of Essentials package
  • 2 hour one-on-one consulting session with Liz Jenkins, owner
  • Team Training (up to 5 team members)
  • Onboarding Basecamp training & forms
  • Monthly ‘open office’ Zoom calls


$ 6995 Payment Plan Available
  • All components of Most Popular package
  • Team Training Basecamp training and forms
  • Ongoing training & support for team members (up to 5 team members, max 2 hours total) for 6 months
  • Ongoing email or virtual support for Owner & admins (up to 2 hours per month) for 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

Organizing & productivity specialists and service-based industry professionals who are typically 3+ years in the field, and in growth mode with employees or independent contractors.

  • Those who are struggling to manage growth, manage their team, or to keep track of the details and progress of client or internal projects.

Increased productivity & profitability as your time frees up 

Documentation & accountability for the entire team

Reduction in time spent in oversight and administrative duties

Increased 'brain space' when everything is accounted for

Basecamp is a project management program that started back in 2004. Over the years it has been revamped and fine tuned to create a tool that is simple, yet handles so much. We love it because it is easy enough for everyone to use, but has enough depth to manage large scale teams and projects.

A Fresh Business has developed a set of templates specifically for the Organizing & Productivity industries that can be adapted to any service based industry. These templates combined with the training means that companies can easily transition to using Basecamp and finally gain control of their time and energy.

You can easily create a system of follow up to-dos for your existing and potential clients. While it is not technically a CRM, the system allows creation of reminders and due dates to keep everyone in the loop about next steps.

Yes! Anything and everything can be customized to suit your current needs and future growth.

No! That's one of the beauties of Basecamp - you can have as many people as you want - and they don't have to be employees. You can add people to the entire company or to individual projects.

We are here for you! Depending on your package, email support and one on one or group sessions are available on an ongoing basis.